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Medical Sub-specialties

The sciences underpinning medicine overlap. Classifications and definitions vary from country to country, consequently there will be some inconsistency in the scope of various specialties and sub-specialties shown on this website.

Sub-specialization (Main Specialization)

Abdominal Gastroenterology (Gastroenterology)
Acid Base Regulation (Endocrinology)
ADHD (Neurology)
Adolescent medicine (Paediatrics)
Adrenal Disorders (Endocrinology)
Allergy (Pulmonology)
Amyloidosis (Endocrinology)
Anaesthesiology (Surgery)
Anorectal Disorders (Gastroenterology)
Anxiety Disorder (Neurology)
Aortic Disorders (Cardiology)
Arrhythmia (Cardiology)
Asthma (Pulmonology)
Atherosclerosis (Cardiology)
Atomic Physics (Medical Science)
Audiology (Otorhinolaryngology)
Autism (Neurology)
Bezoars & Foreign Bodies (Gastroenterology)
Biological Chemistry (Medical Science)
Biomedical Research (Medical Science)
Biophysics (Medical Science)
Bone (Surgery)
Brain Cancer (Neurology)
Breast Cancer (Oncology)
Cardiac Imaging (Cardiology)
Cardiology (Cardiology)
Cardiovascular Risk (Cardiology)
Cerebrovascular Disease (Neurology)
Clinical cardiac electrophysiology (Internal Medicine)
Clinical Pharmacology (Neurology)
Computation (Medical Science)
Condensed Matter Physics and Nanostructures (Medical Science)
Coronary Artery Disease (Cardiology)

Critical care medicine (Internal Medicine)
Cystic Fibrosis (Pulmonology)
Dementia (Neurology)
Dental (Otorhinolaryngology)
Dermatology (Dermatology)
Developmental Systems (Medical Science)
Diabetes (Endocrinology)
Dietetics (Gastroenterology)
Diverticular Disease (Gastroenterology)
Emergency Medicine (Emergency Medicine)
Endocrinology (Endocrinology)
Endosurgery (Surgery)
Endourology (Urology)
ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)
Environment and Evolution (Medical Science)
Epilepsy (Neurology)
Esophageal Disorders (Gastroenterology)
Ethics (General Medicine)
Family Practice (General Medicine)
Gastric & Peptic Disorders (Gastroenterology)
Gastroenteritis (Gastroenterology)
Gastroenterology (Gastroenterology)
Gastrointestinal Cancers (Oncology)
General Medicine (General Medicine)
General Practice (General Medicine)
Genetics (Medical Science)
Genitourinary Cancers (Oncology)
Geriatrics (General Medicine)
Gerontology (General Medicine)
GI Bleeding (Gastroenterology)
GI Diagnostics (Gastroenterology)
Gynaecology (Gynaecology & Obstetrics)
Gynecological Cancers (Oncology)
Haematology (Internal Medicine)
Head and neck surgery (Otorhinolaryngology)
Heart Failure (Cardiology)
Hematological (Oncology)
Hepatic Disorders (Gastroenterology)
Hypertension (Cardiology)
Imaging (Radiology)
Immunology (Internal Medicine)
Infectious Diseases (Infectious Diseases)
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Gastroenterology)
Inorganic Chemistry (Medical Science)
Instrumentation (Medical Science)
Intensive care (Internal Medicine)
Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine)
Interventional Cardiology (Cardiology)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Gastroenterology)
Leukemias (Oncology)
Liver Cancers (Oncology)
Lower GI Complaints (Gastroenterology)
Lung Cancer (Pulmonology)
Lung Cancers (Oncology)
Lymphomas (Oncology)
Malabsorption Syndrome (Gastroenterology)
Materials (Medical Science)
Maxillofacial surgery (Otorhinolaryngology)
Mechanical Ventilation (Pulmonology)
Medical Ethics (General Medicine)
Medical Science (Medical Science)
Medical Technology (Medical Science)
MEN Syndromes (Endocrinology)
MI (Cardiology)
Microbes and Viruses (Medical Science)
Molecular Cell Biology (Medical Science)
Mood Disorders (Neurology)
Motor/Movement Disorder (Neurology)
Multiple Sclerosis (Neurology)
Musculoskeletal (Surgery)
Nephrology (Internal Medicine)
Neuroimaging (Neurology)
Neurological Cancers (Oncology)
Neurology (Neurology)
Neuropathology (Neurology)
Neuropsychopharmacology (Neurology)
Neuroscience (Neurology)
Neurosurgery (Neurology)
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tomography (Radiology)
Nuclear Medicine (Radiology)
Nutrition (Gastroenterology)
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (Neurology)
Obstructive Airway Disease (Pulmonology)
Oncology (Oncology)
Ophthalmology (Ophthalmology)
Optical Physics (Medical Science)
Organic Chemistry (Medical Science)
Orthodontics (Otorhinolaryngology)
Orthopaedics (Surgery)
Otolaryngology (Otorhinolaryngology)
Otorhinolaryngology (Otorhinolaryngology)
Paediatrics (Paediatrics)
Pain Management (Neurology)
Pain Medicine (Neurology)
Pancreatitis (Gastroenterology)
Parkinson's Disease (Neurology)
Pathology (Medical Science)
Periodontology (Otorhinolaryngology)
Pharmacodynamics (Neurology)
Pituitary Disorders (Endocrinology)
Plastic Surgery (Surgery)
Pneumonia (Pulmonology)
Polyglandular Deficiency (Endocrinology)
Psychiatry (Neurology)
Psychopharmacology (Neurology)
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (Cardiology)
Pulmonary Disorders (Pulmonology)
Pulmonology (Pulmonology)
Radiology (Radiology)
Radiotherapy (Oncology)
Respiratory Distress Syndrome (Pulmonology)
Rheumatology (Surgery)
Schizophrenia (Neurology)
Skin Cancers (Oncology)
Science Education (Medical Science)
Science Policy (Medical Science)
Sleep Apnea (Pulmonology)
Sleep Disorder (Neurology)
Speech (Otorhinolaryngology)
Surgery (Surgery)
Thyroid Disorders (Endocrinology)
Transplant hepatology (Internal Medicine)
Tuberculosis (Pulmonology)
Tumors of Bones and Joints (Oncology)
Tumors of the GI Tract (Gastroenterology)
Ultrasonography (Radiology)
Upper GI Complaints (Gastroenterology)
Urology (Urology)
Urticaria (Dermatology)
Veterinary (Veterinary)